India to fill strategic reserve facility at Mangaluru with oil from UAE

India signed a deal with the United Arab Emirates that allows the Gulf nation to fill half of an underground crude oil storage facility at Mangaluru that is part of New Delhi’s strategic reserve system.

Transparency puts India on list for failing to curb corruption

A major international index of corruption and transparency has placed India on the watch list for its inability to curb mega corruption scandals and petty bribery.
The annual index of Transparency International issued on January 25 for 2016 placed India with Brazil and China in the 79th position with a score of 40.

Central team to study Tirunelveli’s segregation of plastic waste

A team from the Union Ministry of Urban Development will visit Tirunelveli Corporation on February 1 to study the successful strategy of dedicating Wednesday of every week for collecting non-degradable plastic waste separately from residents.
  • In order to put the onus of segregation of waste at source on residents, the Corporation decided to dedicate every Wednesday for collecting plastic waste separately.

Pakistan tests 2,200-km range surface-to-surface missile

Pakistan on Jan 23 conducted the first flight test of long range surface-to-surface ballistic missile Ababeel. It claimed that the missile has the capability to carry nuclear warheads and engage multiple targets with high precision, defeating the enemy’s hostile radars.
  • The missile has a maximum range of 2,200 Km. “The missile is capable of delivering multiple warheads, using Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology.

Guided Pinaka rocket successfully test fired

Pinaka rockets, with a guidance system and an enhanced range, were successfully test-fired from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur in Odisha.
  • The earlier Pinaka version, which was an unguided one, has now been transformed into a guided version, with a navigation, guidance and control kit developed by the Research Centre, Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad.

CMs Committee on Digital Payments presents interim report to the Prime Minister

The CMs Committee on Digital Payments led by the convener and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Shri Chandra Babu Naidu has submitted the interim report on Digital Payments to the Prime Minister.

Important recommendations made by the committee:
  • The panel has recommended a ban on cash transactions beyond a threshold and a tax on payments beyond Rs 50,000.

Agni-IV missile successfully test fired

The flight-trial of India's long range, strategic ballistic missile, Agni-IV, on Jan 2, from a road-mobile launcher on Abdul Kalam Island, off Odisha coast, was "a grand success.”
Agni-IV's success proved the reliability and efficacy of India's long-range ballistic missile system.
Agni-IV is a two-stage, surface-to-surface missile that can travel 4,000 km and can carry a nuclear warhead weighing one tonne.