Tenses are forms of a verb that show the time, continuance or completion of an action or a state that is expressed in connection with the moment at which a statement is made about it. The following tenses are commonly used:


Abandon = Discard, Vacate
Abdicate = Renounce
Abhor = Hate, Loathe
Abide = Endure

Sentence completion exercises

1. The villagers ________ the death of their leader by keeping all the shops closed.
a) Consoled                        b) avenged              c) mourned                        d) protested
Here the answer is (C), 'mourned' because the word in use for expressing sorrow over the death of someone is 'mourn'. This is a matter of usage.

Sentence fillers

Stem filling or sentence filler is sentence completion with a variance. In a simple sentence completion, you fill the blank with one of the words given as choices. In this format, part of a sentence is given which needs to be completed with one of the various chunks provided as alternatives. 

Sentence Arrangement

Sentence arrangement, jumbled sentences and reconstruction of paragraphs all come under the same category. In the last session we have seen the different forms in which the questions may appear in different competitive examinations. In continuation of that let us see a technique which helps us to solve this section.