THE HINDU Editorial Vocabulary-July 27, 2017- Topic 2

Poles apart - On Poland's war on democratic institutions
Poland’s right-wing government has been waging a relentless war on democratic institutions ever since it assumed office in 2015. But it may have gone too far now with its moves to curb judicial independence, which have been categorically opposed by President Andrzej Duda. Mr. Duda, an ally of the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), vetoed two measures that militate against the rule of law. One of them requires all judges of the Supreme Court to step down, except those the President thinks should stay on. 

THE HINDU Editorial Vocabulary-July 27, 2017- Topic 1

Questions of age - On SC's ruling on POCSO Act
The Supreme Court has shown due restraint in declining to apply the provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act to mentally retarded adults whose mental age may be that of a child. It would have been tempting to give a purposive interpretation to the term ‘child’ under POCSO, which refers to those below 18 years of age, and rule that it encompasses those with a ‘mental age’ of a person below 18. 

THE HINDU Editorial Vocabulary-July 26, 2017- Topic 2

For a hygienic track - CAG report on Railways
Among the most affordable transport systems in the world, India’s railway network carries millions of people every day, linking the remotest destinations. Yet, in a fast-growing country with rising ambitions, the system is caught in a time warp, unable to scale up its services to global standards and hobbled by inefficient management. Although the rot in passenger services has been repeatedly identified, it has only grown worse. 

THE HINDU Editorial Vocabulary-July 26, 2017- Topic 1

A regional rejoinder - on BJP's challenges in Karnataka
For the Karnataka unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party, new threats are opening old weaknesses. While the ruling Congress remains its principal opposition, the Hindu nationalist party is becoming the target of regional, linguistic and casteist groups that are resisting any assimilation into a wider, homogenous Hindu religious identity. Whether the issue is the adoption of a Karnataka State flag, the resistance to use of Hindi in public spaces, or the assertion of the Lingayat caste identity in opposition to a Hindu religious identity, it is the BJP that is feeling the heat more than the Congress. 

THE HINDU Editorial Vocabulary-July 25, 2017- Topic 2

Winners all
On women’s cricket in India
The buzz around women’s cricket in India was never as heightened as it was during the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup. It reached a crescendo when India met England in the final at Lord’s in London. India lost, agonisingly by just nine runs. But not before it left its cricketers richer for the experience and for the fan base that expanded in the course of the tournament. Unlike in the past, the campaign was a show of the collective. 

THE HINDU Editorial Vocabulary-July 25, 2017- Topic 1

Network challenges
On Reliance JioPhone
There’s a fresh twist in the tale for India’s telecom sector, which is a success story with around a billion connections issued so far and about 350 million subscribers estimated to have smartphones. About ten months after beginning commercial operations and acquiring 125 million customers with attractive data and voice service offerings, Reliance Jio has announced a plan that could disrupt the telecom landscape by challenging existing price points.