President for simultaneous Lok Sabha, Assembly polls

President Pranab Mukherjee said on January 25 that simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and the State assemblies could substantially reduce inconvenience in poll management and expenditure.
  • Speaking at the 7th National Voters’ Day event, the President said the reform was possible if the Election Commission (EC) took the initiative and the political parties arrived at a consensus to make necessary amendments to the Constitution.

Padma Awards 2017

The government announced Padma awards to citizens of the country in recognition of their distinguished contribution in various spheres.

India to fill strategic reserve facility at Mangaluru with oil from UAE

India signed a deal with the United Arab Emirates that allows the Gulf nation to fill half of an underground crude oil storage facility at Mangaluru that is part of New Delhi’s strategic reserve system.

New species of song bird found

The fragmented forests of the highest ranges of the Western Ghats have revealed a secret that is music to the ears of naturalists. Researchers exploring these “sky islands” have designated two new endemic genera and a new species of songbird.
The research published in the latest issue of BMC Evolutionary Biology was undertaken by V. V. Robin; Sushma Reddy; C .K. Vishnudas; Pooja Gupta; Frank E. Rheindt; Daniel M. Hooper and Uma Ramakrishnan.

GM mosquito trials to control dengue, chikungunya launched

Outdoor caged trials to demonstrate the efficiency of genetically modified mosquitoes to suppress wild female Aedes aegypti mosquito populations that transmit dengue, chikungunya and Zika were launched on January 23 in Dawalwadi, Badnapur, in Maharashtra’s Jalna district.

India-UAE signed on 14 agreements

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today highlighted strategic significance of India-UAE relations for both countries. India is hosting Abu Dhabi’s crown prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as a special guest for the Republic Day celebrations.
  • India regarded UAE as an important partner in India’s growth story. Both countries are united not only for business but also by a cultural history also. Scores of Indian citizens also live in the US.

Transparency puts India on list for failing to curb corruption

A major international index of corruption and transparency has placed India on the watch list for its inability to curb mega corruption scandals and petty bribery.
The annual index of Transparency International issued on January 25 for 2016 placed India with Brazil and China in the 79th position with a score of 40.