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Quiz: Computers Browsers and Search Engines

1._________ a software application used to locate, retrieve and also display content
on the World Wide Web. (Web browser)
2. The browser application retrieves or fetches code, usually written in _________.

3. The first web browser was invented in 1990 by Sir _____________. (Tim Berners-
4. The first web browser called World Wide Web and was later renamed_________.
5. Google Chrome is a freeware browser developed by Google using the
________  Layout engine. (WebKit)
6. Firefox now available in about more than ______ languages worldwide. (78)
7. Google Chrome supports __________and PDF Support. (Built-in Flash)
8. Internet Explorer is generally the first web browser of _____released in 1995.
(Windows OS)
9. Safari is web browser that was produced and developed by _______. (Apple Inc)
10. Safari Browser functions on a Mac OX, iOS and _______operating systems.
11. Search engines are programs that search documents for specified keywords and
_____________ of the documents where the keywords were found.
(Returns a list)

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