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Tricks to remember capitals of countries

Here are some tricks that will help you to remember capitals of different countries. It is seen in the last ibps papers that there is atleast one question about capital or currency of countries, so it is necessary to remember those. These are also asked in other competitive exams and is considered to be the basic general knowledge. So do read it.

1)Country name and Capital name are same

    Mexico : Mexico City
    Kuwait : Kuwait City
    Panama : Panama City
    Vatican City : Vatican City
    Guatemala : Guatemala City
    Djibouti : Djibouti City
    Singapore : Singapore
    Monaco  : Monaco
    Luxembourg : Luxembourg
    Tunisia : Tunis
    Andorra : Andorra la Vella

2)Capital Names Ending with "Town"

    South Africa : CapeTown
    Guyana : Gorege Town
    Sierra Leone : FreeTown
    Barbados : BridgeTown
Mind trick: south African ganna surry leone ka baar baar  gaya town mein

3)Korea's Family

1) South Korea : Seoul
Seoul looks like "Soul"
Mind Trick :   South Korea's Soul

2) North Korea : Pyongyang
Pyongyang sounds like "Young-yang"
Mind Trick : North People are "Young"

4)Sweden : Stockholm

Sweden( sounds like  Sweat-den)
Stockholm(sounds like  Stock +Home)
Mind Trick :   Sweats are in Stock in our Home

5) Jamaica -Kingston

Mind Trick :   Jamaica's men are Kings

6) Iran : Tehran

Mind Trick : Both words ends with  "ran"

7) Bhutan : Thimpu

Bhutan souds like Boot+tan
Thimphu sounds like name Tippu Sultan
Mind Trick :  Tippu Sultan wear Boots..

8)Canada : Ottawa

Ottawa  sounds like Oats
Mind Trick :  Canadians like Oats..

9)DenMark : CoPenhagen :

Mark(a name)
Co-Pen(means Others Pen)
Mind Trick :  Mark uses others Pen.

10) Hungary : Budapest

Hungary looks like Hungry
Budapest sounds like Buddha+pest
Mind Trick :   Buddha is very Hungry.

11)Argentina -Buenos Aires

Aires look like "Airs"
Mind Trick : Argentina's Airs

12)Australia -Canberra

Canberra sounds like Cadbury
Mind Trick : Australia  companies manufacture  Cadbury

13)Malta : ValLetta

Mind Trick: Malta : Letta

14)Morocco : Rabat

Rabat sounds like Robert
Mind Trick: Morocco's Robert.

15)Romania : Bucharest

Mind Trick Romania people take Rest

16)Poland : WarSaw

Land :  War -Saw
Mind Trick : I SAW a WAR  happened in poLand

17)Czech Republic : Prague

Prague sounds like Pray
Mind Trick : Czech People Pray for God Daily

18)Ukraine  : Kyiv

Ukraine sounds like (Uk+rain)
Kyiv sounds like (key)
Mind Trick : In Uk,while raining lost KEY

19)Taiwan : Taipei

Taiwan sounds like (Tie +One)
Taipei sounds like (Tie +Pi)
Mind Trick : TieOne : TiePi

20)Estonia -Tallinn

Estonia sound like Yes +Stone
Mind Trick : Stone is Tall

21)Venezuela- Caracas

Mind Trick : Veny Travels in Car

22)Congo- Brazzaville

Brazzaville-Brazil +Ville
Mind Trick : Congo's to Brazil for hosting FIFA WorldCup

23)New Zealand : Wellington

Wellington -Washington
Mind Trick : New Washington

24)Bulgaria -Sofia

Bulgaria "Bulk +Area"
Sofia looks like Sofa
Mind Trick : Bulk of Sofa's in that Area

25)Brazil : Brasillia

Brasillia : Brazil+lia

26)Croatia- Zagreb

Croatia sounds like (Coast +Asia)
Zagreb sounds like (za+Grey)
Mind Trick: Coast Asia people like Grey  Colour

27)Cyprus : Nicosia

Nicosia sounds like (Nik +Asia)

28)Famous Countries  & Capitals

    Afghanistan : Kabul
    Bangladesh : Dhaka
    China : Beijing
    Pakistan : Islamabad
    UAE : Abu Dhabi
    Vietnam : Hanoi
    Srilanka : Colombo
    Philippines : Manila
    Japan : Tokyo
    Italy : Rome
    France : Paris
    Spain : Madrid

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